About Us

Longtime friends and chefs Donato Scotti and Gianluca Guglielmi have created Donato & Co., one of several restaurant concepts the two chefs plan on presenting together. A motivator of their passion for authentic Italian cuisine is their cherished upbringing in Italy. These two exceptional chefs were surrounded by family and friends who fostered their culinary exploration from an early age. After working in Michelin-starred Italian restaurants and moving to the US, the two chefs met in 1999, sparking a longtime friendship and collaborative partnership.


Together, Donato and Gianluca present culinary items at Donato & Co. that are reminiscent of their childhood days, filled with artisanal ingredients, seasonal farmer’s market produce and genuine Italian hospitality. The two chefs are delighted to share their culinary philosophy of using fresh, simple ingredients in inventive ways to highlight and celebrate each region of Italy with Berkeley and the Bay Area.


The open and stylish space at Donato & Co. seamlessly reflects the warmth behind the authentic Italian cuisine that these two chefs create. The natural ambiance of the restaurant combined with the chefs’ welcoming and bright energy provide the ideal atmosphere to share their treasured culinary creations. Thanks to Berkeley’s renowned Meyer Sound, Donato & Co. has a state-of-the art sound system that supports this setting for casual conversation, while complementing the tone of the chefs’ food.